Bell & Bone Superfood Dog Treats with Flaxseed & Turmeric 150g

Superfood Dog Treats with Flaxseed & Turmeric
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Benefits: Omega-3 fatty acids for joint support, anti-inflammatories for immunity and pain relief

Main Ingredients
-Flaxseed has all the right fats for strong bones and muscles, its full of fibre for digestion and helps maintain great skin and coat… it’s basically the king of superfoods.
-Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory which assists muscles, bones and joints. It can also help relieve arthritis pain, and can help prevent cancer.
-Eggs are great for dogs as they are full of vitamins, minerals and protein which helps them recover after activity. They contain iron, vitamin A and B12, fatty acids and folate
-Coconut is an amazing superfood for dogs for digestive health, strengthening bones and keeping coats shiny.