Dogkery Fish Stix

Fish Stick
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-Fish Stix is made from combining fresh water fish meat with whole wheat flour to make a round sausage like stick treats for your furry friends. Its crispy texture helps cleanse teeth in adult dogs while they become very helpful for puppy during their teething period. Fish meat is a low fat easy to digest protein and its oil is rich with omega fatty acids which are essential for a healthy skin and coat, healthy red blood cells, and a healthy heart.
-Suitable for all breed of 1 month or older
-Safe for dogs with diabetic, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, and dogs with special weight control diet.
-Finish product within 14 days after open. Refrigerate to extend storage time.
-This product contains no artificial coloring, flavoring, taste, and chemical.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Tilapia fish meat, Fish stock, Pork liver based stock, Egg