PetSide Soft Collar

Soft Collar
   VAT incl.


This lightweight collar is comfortable and convenient to slip on and off.
It is made for efficiently preventing animals from bitting, scratching, and licking their wounds or surgical sites which could cause issues with a healing area.
Our collar allows more freedom for activities, unlike the traditional plastic collar that not just eliminates animal's peripheral vision but also affect daily activities such as drinking and eating.
Also, it is machine-washable which allows to get rid of dirts and unpleasant odours.

XS: neck 16-21 CM
S: neck 20-26 CM
M: neck 25-30 CM
L: neck 30-35 CM
XL: neck 33-40 CM
XXL: neck 40-50 CM
XXXL: neck 53-60 CM

สี: ชมพู, ฟ้า

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