Chuck It ชุดยิงจรวด



The Chuckit! Ultra Sling will revolutionise your playtimes! This set provides a slingshot for launching darts through the air, sending them far and high with very little effort on your part. The elastic rubber band lets you choose how far you launch the dart each time, so this Chuckit! Ultra Sling toy can be used in small gardens as well as in larger parks. Your dog will love racing after the darts, biting joyfully down on it then bringing it back to you.
Simply place the dart in the rubber sling, pull it back with as much or as little strength as you like, then release! It will shoot off into the air then spiral its way back to the ground, thanks to its aerodynamic shape. Its uncontrolled flight will keep your dog guessing and ensure it never gets boring! The ergonomic grip with hand protection and the dart itself are made from thermoplastic rubber, making them particularly robust and long-lasting.

The Chuckit! Ultra Sling is an innovative and high-quality toy, designed to have your dog running and jumping to pass many a happy hour in the great outdoors!

Chuckit! Ultra Sling at a glance:

-Innovative fetch toy for dogs of all sizes
-Set comprising a slingshot and dart
-High, far flight with little effort: based on the standard idea of a slingshot that allows a dart to be launched easily through the air
-Uncontrolled flight: aerodynamic dart that uses its own axis to fly in an unpredictable way, for endless fun
-Robust and long-lasting: made from thermoplastic rubber (PP and TPR)
-Adjustable flight distance: making it ideal for small gardens as well as large parks
-Safe and comfortable: with an ergonomic protective hand grip
-Stamina and agility: encouraging your dog to run, jump, bite and fetch for long stretches of time
-Promotes the bond between dog and owner: by spending time together in the fresh air
-Compact size: easy to store or carry in a handbag
-Material: PP, TPR, sling made from elastic rubber
-Dimensions: dart approx. diameter 4cm x (L) 22cm