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Like hoomans, all dogs are unique and have their own traits and sensitivities. These sensitivities can vary greatly, depending on each dog, and can include everything from itchy rashes to dry, flaky skin. Many people will immediately blame the food, but only about 10% of pets actually have a food allergy. One of the most important choices when caring for your sensitive pup is choosing the right shampoo. We’ve specially developed our organic Sensitive Skin Shampoo Bar with your dog in mind! Made from 100% natural and pet safe ingredients, this moisturizing shampoo bar is:

FREE of dyes, parabens, chemicals, fragrance, sulfates, and detergents
Gentle, soothing and moisturizing with ingredients like aloe vera and cocoa butter
Includes organic oatmeal, perfect for relieving skin irritations, rashes, acne, etc.
Dog’s skin is much more absorbent than human’s, so it’s vital to use a shampoo bar that is safe, natural and gentle. Treat and soothe your dog’s sensitive skin while leaving behind beautiful, moisturized skin and coat. You will even notice that your dog will dry faster and without that awful wet dog smell!