Uno Doggo™'s Kangaroo Flap Treats 250g

Kangaroo Flap Treats
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Uno Doggo's Kangaroo meat treats are highly palatable to 99% of dogs. Even the fussiest of dogs cannot resist the smell and taste of Kangaroo meat based treats. Uno Doggo's Kangaroo flaps suit dogs of all sizes, and are a healthy, nutritious choice that will also act to help with dental hygeine. Kanagroo Flaps are a great choice as a lean dog treat with approximately 3% fat. They are also high in antioxidants and have the highest level of Omega 3 when compared with most lamb, beef and pork treat options. Uno Doggo's Kangaroo flap treats also contain a high concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal.

• Only one ingredient - 100% quality meat, 100% natural & nothing else!
• Hypoallergenic properties
• High in antioxidants & Omega-3, good for the heart (to love you more!)
• Natural toothbrush for your pup for healthier teeth & gums!
• High in protein, low in fat.
• It contains low levels of bad fats (saturated ones!)
• Uno Doggo's Kangaroo treats have up to 5 times the level of Omega-6 fatty acid as compared to other meats.
• Uno Doggo's Kangaroo treats promotes anti-inflammatory properties & enhanced immunity
• It is a particularly rich source of minerals iron and zinc
• It is an important source of several B group vitamins, namely
riboflavin, niacin, vitamins B6 & B12

Slightly over 250g of 100% Australian Kangaroo

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